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Security & Defence

We provide high-quality security glass to many clients in a diverse range of markets. This glass serves a very simple purpose: to provide steadfast protection from external threats without hindering visibility. For the military, embassies, museums and architects around the world this can be a highly complicated requirement.

Our standard glass comprises of two layers of annealed float glass, bonded together with a 1.5mm thick poly vinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, we achieve enhanced security by increasing the number and/or thickness of glass layers and interlayers.  Our security products are usually constructed using glass clad polycarbonate, which combine the chemical and abrasion resistance of glass, with the impact resistance of polycarbonate.  The key advantage over standard laminated glass is that the weight of the glass is reduced while improving the level of protection.

Our expertise in the security market makes us ideally placed to manufacture transport glazing solutions for government, military, and cash in transit vehicles. With solutions ranging from protection against non-ballistic physical attack to the ballistic threat of armour-piercing bullets and RPGs.

All of our clients who are seeking extra security from their glass trust us to provide them with custom solutions to their individual requirements. We offer many types of glazing for the security sector, including toughened, laminated, and Physical Security Glass. With our extensive technical expertise and over 70 years' global experience, there is nobody better equipped than Dellner Glass Solutions to engineer solutions on which you can depend.

Our security glazing is fully customisable to meet practical and aesthetic requirements, and we offer a range of specifications including a low-spall option to provide maximum protection from flying glass splinters, as well as low-e insulating glass solutions that can help to keep heat inside buildings with a lot of architectural glass.

Security glass products in our range include laminated and toughened glass. Our glass provides protection to many diverse clients, such as museums, government buildings, jewellers, and high-end retailers from all over the world.

Key Contacts

Neil Davies
Sales Manager - Rail and Vehicle Glazing

Application Areas

  • High value retail display
  • Glass Showcases and Viewing Panels
  • Animal enclosures for Zoo's
  • Secure Centres, Detention Centres
  • Banks and Currency Exchange
  • Government Buildings
  • Military Vehicles
  • Cash in Transit Vehicles
  • Armoured vehicles