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Detrainment Systems

Detrainment product

We have been supplying detrainment systems to the rail sector for over 30 years, where emergency evacuation is required through the end of the train, due to access restrictions via running in tunnels during daily operation.

Our products are used on most of the TfL network, and we have even supplied detrainment systems to Singapore.

These product designs are safety critical by their very nature and our engineering teams have expert knowledge on the requirements, both for design and operation to ensure or can be tailored to suit the different working environments from one contract to another. 

Our systems can provide train to track and train to train deployment and are manually operated or powered, dependant on the customer specifications and can be stowed in the cab, under the vehicle floor or even form part of the train front end, we can cater for all eventualities.

The systems comply with all relevant step and anti-slip requirements and manually operated devices are designed, to meet human factor requirements for our customers.

All our systems are manufactured from high grade materials and thoroughly assessed to ensure, if ever required, the detrainment process is guaranteed, and passengers can safely exit the train.

Our detrainment systems are welded according to EN15085 and where bonding is required, to DIN6701, ensuring the finished assembly meets the full requirements of stringent rail standards.

Key Contacts

Neil Davies
Sales Manager - Rail and Vehicle Glazing
Patrick Gergen
Regional Sales Manager - Central Europe

Key Features

  • Train to Track and Train to Train Deployment
  • Manual or Powered Systems
  • Compliant to Anti Slip and Step Requirements
  • Various Stowage Options
  • Step or Ramp Systems