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Opening Windows (sliding or hinged)

Opening Windows

Our window designs are fitted directly to the vehicle structure, either though bonding, mechanical fixing, or rubber glazing.

Like our other window systems, the designs are created to meet customer requirements and industry standards, meeting operational needs and where required vandal resistance at the same time.

Window designs vary greatly due to the nature of the markets we serve, from simple horsebox windows to complex hole in the glass solutions for security or public service vehicles.

The windows are supplied as sliding openers, with some or all panes opening, completely dependent on customer need and requirements. The sliding panes within the windows are single hand operation, through either pinch or push-button catches and can be provided with or without locking functionality.

Windows can be supplied in standard toughened glass or where vandal resistance is required can be supplied with thick laminated glass to reduce the effect of vandalism and for further protection, security film can be applied to the inside face of the window panes.

Key Contacts

Neil Davies
Sales Manager - Rail and Vehicle Glazing

Key Features

  • Multi Pane Sliding Options
  • Maintenance Friendly Glass Replacement
  • Anti-Vandal Designs Available
  • Single Hand Catch Operation
  • Security Film for Sliding Panes
  • Locking or Non-Locking Options