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Driver doors

Driver door product

We have provided many design and build contracts, each door system uniquely different to meet the curved and sloped interfaces of train front ends, along with safety and operational requirements for the end user.

Doors are provided as true cassette systems, hinges are aligned, locks are pre-set, and seal performance guaranteed, the customer simply installs into the agreed aperture and the door is ready for service.

We can offer simple locking and non-locking manual door locks, right through to multi-point locking systems that lock or open the door shoot bolts via on board signals from the train system. In all instances locks are designed to be manually overridden in the event of emergency evacuations.

We offer the capability of heating both flat and curved glass for rapid de-icing and de-fogging to ensure the driver’s vision is not compromised. This can be produced using coatings on the glass surface or micro fine wires inside the lamination.

Our frame solutions are welded according to EN15085 and where bonding is required, to DIN6701, ensuring the finished assembly meets the full requirements of stringent rail standards.

Door can be powder coated, wet painted or a mixture of both, using rail approved coatings.

We take quality and product testing very seriously and all our driver door products are independently assessed and certified to EN 15152, with water ingress performance evaluated to EN14752 or even IEC 60529 IP66.

Key Contacts

Neil Davies
Sales Manager - Rail and Vehicle Glazing
Patrick Gergen
Regional Sales Manager - Central Europe

Key Features

  • Curved and Flat Door Options
  • Range of Locking Systems
  • Cassette Style Designs (Plug and Play)
  • Bonding to DIN 6701, Welding to EN15085
  • Manufactured to EN15152 Requirements
  • High Level of Ingress Performance