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Driver Cab Protection, Doors and Screens

Driver cab protection

Drivers’ protection screens have been supplied by our Tamworth site for nearly 30 years, developed originally as assault doors only, these became more of a necessity for the Bus market, and we designed forward/front screens to match – to provide full cab protection.

The doors and screens are a mixture of aluminium and polycarbonate fabrication, designed to protect drivers from unruly passengers, although in the current climate serve also as protection screens for airborne viruses.

The assault doors can be supplied with fully fixed polycarbonate glazing or sliding panes (lift or drop) with intermediate open positions. The lower part of the door is provided with aluminium panelling or can be incorporated into plastic/GRP skins.

As a core product for our Tamworth site, we have the ability to mark our polycarbonate to ECE R43, glazing requirements for vehicles.

The front screens can be shaped to meet the visual needs within a cab (reflection, position of mirrors etc.) and fixed back to the cab desk and upper bulkhead, to ensure a solid fit within the vehicle and once installed with the door in situ, provided a safe enclosed environment for the driver.

Although we design and manufacture the bulk of cab protection products for the OEM builders, our designs are flexible enough to be amended to suit any vehicle cab, so even vehicles in service can be retro-fitted with our cab protection systems – ensuring your staff are safe at work.

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Fixed and Sliding Pane Options
  • Shaped Front Screens
  • Flexible Design to suit Vehicle Parameters
  • Polycarbonate compliant to ECE R43