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Structural Glass

We specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke structural glass that is used in modern architecture worldwide. Using advanced processing methods, the glass we produce can be designed in house to take on significant structural loads.

Glass for structural applications are constructed of two or more layers of glass. These are laminated together using special interlayers to create a composite which is both strong and safe. We can laminate using a range of interlaters including PVB, EVA and ionoplast. Our expertise in this manufacturing process has seen us create structural walk on glass floors, glazed walls, structural support beams and frameless glass roofs.

With our advanced state of the art machinery, we can create complex structural shapes, and can include a variety of drill hole configurations to suit point-fix inserts for seamless architectural designs. Our advanced printing capability means we can create custom non-slip patterns for glass flooring. Dellner Glass Solutions have the technical skills and experience to design and produce structural glass specific for your application.

We create structural glass to suit many types of applications from glass flooring, to allow light to pass through to dark or subterranean rooms, to partition walls, canopies, external facades, curtain-walling and balustrades.

Whatever your project, we can provide high quality glazing solutions to suit your vision and your budget. 

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Structural load bearing
  • Frameless finish for a flush design
  • Gives a greater sense of space
  • Suitable for the entire structure of a building