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Laminated Glass

We have been laminating glass since 1943. With over 75 years of experience we are well placed to deliver high quality laminated glass solutions for your commercial or domestic project.

Laminated glass is manufactured by bonding together two or more layers of high quality annealed or toughened glass under heat and pressure using a specialist interlayer. For safety, security, bullet and blast resistance we primarily use polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The PVB is an incredibly strong material that absorbs the impact of an impact whilst maintaining the integrity of the glass in its frame.

For demanding architectural projects that require more stiffness and rigidity, such as frameless glass applications, we can offer the use of an SGP interlayer. SGP is particularly effective in locations that experience extreme weather such as hurricanes and typhoons.

Our laminated glass is processed in cutting-edge clean rooms and high-pressure autoclaves and is available in standard and low-iron stock from 6.4mm – 185mm.

In glass lamination, we use many different interlayers including but not limited to PVB, SGP, printed interlayers, Vanceva® interlayers, heat mats, solar control and acoustic compounds. This enables us to produce bespoke constructions across the markets we operate in.

In addition to a vast combination of interlayers, we are able to provide specialist coatings. All our laminated glass products are available across the entire product range and are independently tested to BS EN 12150, BS EN 857 and BS EN 14179.

If you would like to find out more about our laminated glass products, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Design versatility
  • High clarity and finish
  • Absorbs in excess of 99% ultraviolet light
  • Sound dampening
  • Minimum visual distortion
  • Bespoke constructions available
  • In case of accidental or wilful damage, glass fragments will adhere to the interlayer
  • Schueco Partner Fabricator