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Manual Doors and Emergency Exit Doors

manual door product

Most of our door systems are true cassette doors – the locks, hinges and seals all set – creating a plug and play install for our customers, however where required we have designs for door leaf only applications.

The fabrication facilities at our Tamworth allow us to create curved, cranked, and flat doors, all matched to the customer’s vehicles bodyside profile and aperture.

The doors use our own range of locking systems, which is industry proven for robustness and ensures smooth operation of the door every time. The lock unit houses a switch to advise the driver when the door is opened, thus reducing the risk of misuse in daily operation.

The doors are compliant with latest industry standards, and this includes the requirements of PSVAR, where door apertures need to meet minimum entrance and exit requirements.

Due to the cassette style of our door designs, they can easily be modified to work within different vehicle bodies – if you need a bus or coach exit door, we can assist.

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Multi-point Locking
  • Single or Double-Glazed Options available
  • Single Hand Operation for Emergency Exit
  • Safety Signal for Daily Operation
  • Cassette Style Design