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Common Types of Glass

A brief guide to the four main glass types in production today

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The Most Amazing Uses of Glass in Architecture

Advanced technologies in glass manufacture makes structural work with glass possible in some of the world's most fascinating pieces of architecture

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The Ins And Outs Of Low E-Glass

An insight on thermal efficiency glass, how it works and its advantages for modern architecture.

Amazing Glass Works - Thumbnail
The Worlds Most Amazing Glass Artworks

Abstract art, stained glass, sculptures, mosaics and more

Cleaning Glass - Thumbnail
3 Easy Steps for Cleaning Toughened Glass

A comprehensive guide to cleaning toughened glass without scratching

Bullet Resistant - Thumbnail
The Incredible World of Bullet Resistant Glass

An insight into one of the world's most important developments

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Choosing the Right Level of Fire Protection

Fire resistant glass is the unspoken hero in fire emergencies, but what needs protecting and at what do the specifications mean?

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Which Safety or Security Glass does my Business need?

Modern glass needs to be strong, safe and secure to meet the demands of today's environment. But which security glass is right for you?

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Tinted Vehicle Windows: Advantages and Legality in the UK

Tinted vehicle windows: Advantages and legality in the UK