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Physical Security Glass

Physical Security Glass - Banking

Physical Security Glass is an anti-bandit and anti-intruder glass designed to resist sustained and aggressive attack.

With over seven decades’ experience in manufacturing this type of security glass, we have the resource and the know-how to produce some of the thinnest enhanced security glass on the market, with high levels of optical clarity for unobstructed vision.

The main purpose of our security glass is to prevent smash and grab crime, which costs UK businesses £millions every year, but this extends to protection for staff, who can sit comfortably behind our anti-spall glass screens.

Whether it is for jewellery counters and windows, or post-office and bank counters, our physical security glass is tested to BS EN 356 and is fully customisable to meet specifications. Download our data sheet to find out more. 

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Some of the thinnest enhanced security glass on the market
  • High level of optical clarity for unobstructed vision
  • Suitable for curves
  • Printing and tinting options
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Suitable for small and large constructions