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Draught Screens & Glazed Partitions

draughtscreen product

Our glass solutions are far more than just windows, our product range extends to numerous interior glazed assemblies, such as draught screens and partitions.

With our design and manufacturing capabilities, we provide complete system solutions, so the finished partition is effectively “plug and play.”

Our in-house range of processes at both manufacturing plants ensure that the finished products meet the stringent visual criteria for train interior demands.

Draught screens can be manufactured from steel sections and/or aluminium extrusions, complete with decorative skins or composite linings and of course completed with high specification glass, toughened, or laminated dependent on relevant standards.

Grab poles and hand mounts are easily integrated into our designs, for example in vestibule areas.

We offer a range of finishes through powder or wet painting and if required glass layers can be protected with pre-fitted anti-graffiti film.

Our engineering teams have the skill and expertise to ensure all our designs meet required loadings for use in rail interiors and furthermore the products themselves are manufactured to EN15085 and DIN 6701.

Key Contacts

Neil Davies
Sales Manager - Rail and Vehicle Glazing
Patrick Gergen
Regional Sales Manager - Central Europe

Key Features

  • Toughened or Laminated options
  • Decorative panel options
  • Compliant to rail interior loadings
  • Welding to EN15085
  • Bonding to DIN 6701