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About us

Dellner Glass Solutions combines two impressive UK production sites, between them with over 150 years’ manufacturing experience. The Tamworth site’s history based in complex multi metal fabrications and the Consett site, processing complex glass shapes and compositions. The unique synergy of both factories allows us to meet and create endless possibilities for our customer base – providing a true system solution.

Innovation is born from necessity; in our case, we have many customers who need solutions to seemingly impossible problems. If they need a bespoke windscreen with a new, uniquely complex asymmetric curve for the next generation of trains, we have the skill and expertise to deliver it.

Our product range of glass solutions are provided to many different industries and range from simple horsebox windows, glass for our architectural market, bodyside windows for the bus market, multi glass products to the rail sector, right through to bullet resistant products for our military customers – encompassing all in between.

These are all bespoke solutions which Dellner Glass Solutions, as an expert fabrication and glass processor, has successfully delivered. We provide high quality products that give you the edge in your market, whether you manufacture trains, buses, specialist vehicles, construct buildings or make defence or security equipment.

Don’t be deterred by difficulty; we thrive on it. We draw upon a unique wealth of resources to meet the most complex of specialist glass and fabrication needs: a multiskilled, highly experienced workforce, an industry-leading design team and a long standing tradition of innovation established since our manufacture of lenses used in flight goggles for the Royal Air Force back in 1943. 

These resources, combined with our continual investment, in new technologies ensure we provide the highest quality, bespoke and reliable solutions that keep us ahead of our competitors and our customers at the forefront of their markets.

Our unrivalled capabilities ensure we are able to make you a promise: We will provide the performance you ask with the precision you specify and the protection you can trust, with a quality of brilliance only Dellner Glass Solutions can supply.