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Emergency Egress windows

Egress window

Our egress windows are designed for use on the vehicle bodyside, as an additional means of escape (aside from doors) for passengers in the event of an emergency.

The windows can be supplied as single or doubled glazed units and are provided as a cassette system, so the vehicle builder simply installs in the same manner as a standard window package.

The windows are operated by means of single red handle, allowing passengers to open the window and exit the vehicle side. The windows are provided with a switch to alert the driver on misuse, ensuring the day-to-day operations of the vehicle are safe and the windows are used only when intended.

The design uses a multi-point locking system, which not only ensures the safety of the product but also guarantees the seal performance. The locking system can be altered to increase pressure on the window seals as part of maintenance checks, when required.

The unique hinge design allows the opening frame of the window to be removed for maintenance in the event of a glass change or lock adjustment, allowing vehicles to quickly re-enter service.

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Multi-point Locking
  • Single or Double-Glazed Options available
  • Single Hand Operation for Emergency Exit
  • Safety Signal for Daily Operation
  • Cassette Style Design