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Bodyside Windows

bus bodyside window product

We supply standard fixed windows, opening vent (hopper) windows and sliding vent windows for ventilation into vehicles.

Our glazing solutions are tailored to customer requirements for installation and are supplied as single or double-glazed assemblies.  Our window designs can be direct bonded, or rubber glazed to the vehicle, dependant on the customers preference.

We also supply a range of maintenance friendly bodyside window systems, which involves fully framed windows being permanently fixed to the vehicle structure (usually through bonding) and on removal of an internal profile the glass only can be removed and replaced within a few minutes.

Our hopper windows can be supplied as single or twin opening vents for passenger use; however, we also have options to provide locking hoppers and similar options exist for our sliding window designs.

Our range of bodyside windows includes options on glass thickness, as customers seek to reduce weight, and we can provide glass thickness as thin as 3mm to work within in our framing systems.

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Single or Double-Glazed Options
  • Fixed and Opening Vent Windows
  • Sliding or Hopper Style Vents
  • Passenger Operated or Lockable Options
  • Maintenance Friendly Glass Exchange
  • Bonded or Rubber Glazed Options