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Wildlife Enclosures

Superior strength glazing designed with safety in mind

The design of animal enclosures is evolving; with more awareness on conservation and animal welfare, zoos around the world are redesigning their enclosures to mimic their animals' natural environment, and by doing so enabling them to exhibit their natural behaviour, as they would in the wild.

The evolution in design coincides with the increased diversity and availability of materials, and glass has become a major player in safely creating the illusion of a barrier free enclosure. We are uniquely placed to offer some of the highest clarity security glazing on the market.

No two enclosures are the same; our technical design team will work on a bespoke glass construction to safely meet the unique criteria of the enclosure it would be going into. Considerations to maximise viewing experience such as AirGlaz, and acoustic glass to minimize noise disruption and reduce stress for more shy, retiring animals.

We have worked on some incredible zoo enclosures, like ZSL London Zoo's "Land of the Lions" opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 2016 using vast expanses of anti-reflective glass, the tiger enclosure at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, and the chimpanzee enclosure at Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary. Fully tested and certified to meet British and European standards.

Key Features:

  • Superior strength glass designed to spec
  • Suitable for all types of animals including gorillas, bears, big cats, and marine animals
  • Fully customisable including but not limited to anti-reflective, self cleaning, solar control, printing, tinting and bending
  • Designed to withstand significant and persistent force
  • Some of the highest clarity glass on the market
  • UK Manufactured
  • Fully tested to British and European standards

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