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Bombardier SSL Windscreens

Curved and compliant

The sub-surface line (SSL) curved windscreen project for Bombardier is one of many incredible Romag success stories. It clearly shows evidence of our commitment to support and work with our customers to deliver major complex projects.

Our ability to design and develop a bespoke rail-compliant windscreen and manage customer-critical KPIs is helping secure continued successes in the rail glass market.

The Solution

Dellner Romag's technical design team began by creating technical drawings of the complex curved glass required to produce a precise checking fixture. The project also required our expertise in laminated, shaped, and printed glass.

Due to the incredibly complex profile of this windscreen, the checking fixture and tooling had to be produced using a five axis CNC machine. This ensured the precise profile of the screen was consistently maintained throughout the manufacturing process to the stringent tolerances specified.

After five months of design, an in-house impact test was conducted in Dellner Romag's dedicated testing centre and a successful first article inspection carried out by Bombardier engineers. All documentation was completed and supplied in accordance with Bombardier's contractual requirements. Three years later, the supply of the 258 screens included in the original contract is coming to an end with on-time delivery in full currently achieving outstanding results and excellent quality performance monitoring.

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