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Dellner Romag armoured vehicle glass used in weaponised vehicle for Sky One's new 'Mad Max' style show.

Armoured vehicle glass from Dellner Romag has been specified for ‘Hell Kitty’; one of thirty bespoke armoured cars premiering on Sky One’s new demolition programme ‘Carnage’.

Debuting on 6th May and presented by Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, Lethal Bizzle and Capital FM presenter Vicki Hope. The project is an adrenaline-fuelled show likened to a cross between ‘Robot Wars’ and 2015’s blockbuster ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ where car builders and adrenaline junkies create giant post-apocalyptic fighting vehicles to do battle in themed arenas.

Dellner Romag was approached in 2017 by Attitude Autos a bespoke vehicle builder specialising in public, theatrical and television industries who had been selected to compete on the show. The company found global fame in 2014 for building the world’s first adult sized ‘Crazy Coupé’ based on the popular Little Tikes toddler toy cars.

John Bitmead, who runs Attitude Autos with his brother was spotted by producers whilst showing another of their custom builds at car show Buster Lang at Sandown Racecourse in Surrey, it was there where they found out about the show and applied to take part. Their customisation of the ‘Hello Kitty’ car was the inspiration for the meaner militarised ‘Hell Kitty’ that they built for the show.

Filming was to take place in South Africa – where 30 teams each competed to take part in battles. As such the teams had to appear heavily armoured; the teams had to build defensive armour as well as have three usable weapons to attack other cars in the arena. Once completed the cars were then sent off to a film industry spec stunt vehicle place to have a full roll cage, plate steel armour and protective Lexan inner screens along with them supplying race seat, harness, mounts, fire safety equipment, power shutoff system and fuel tanks.

The solution

Each team had a weight restriction of double the amount of the original vehicle, which meant careful consideration on what to fit to the car with to make them safe but also aesthetically in-keeping with the theme of the show.  Attitude Autos contacted Romag for advice on their windscreen. They needed a solution to maximise safety for the driver, visibility and to be as light as possible to accommodate the weight restrictions.

Our technical team advised on a physical security glass; due to its robustness and resilience to repeated manual attack. Dellner Romag supply some of the thinnest and lightest security glass on the market – and so produced an 8.8mm thick, anti-spall, physical security windscreen able to withstand significant damage to protect the driver from impact fragments whilst maximising visibility in the heavily armoured vehicle. 

The result

Once completed, the team and the vehicle competed in the immense heat of South Africa’s Tankwa Karoo nature reserve about an hour’s drive into the desert. Three hours north of Cape Town, the site is the location of the yearly festival Africa Burn (an African version of the Burning Man festival). The vehicle competed against other teams in the arena, navigating tough terrain and difficult driving conditions.


What they say

I chose Dellner Romag because they proved to be extremely helpful including trying to pull prices down to suit our budget, guiding us in the template creating and pushing time limits to the extreme in an attempt to get us the required glass. 

I'd use Dellner Romag again without a second thought! I have been truly delighted with both their company and their products.

I’m currently modifying our original car that got us the show to make it more synonymous with the Hell Kitty. If I can get split screens accepted on the MOT we will definitely be up for another set!

John Bitmead

Attitude Autos
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