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Daresbury Sci-Tech Linear Park

Vivid tinted glass sculptures with intricate interlayers for the recreational space at Daresbury Sci-Tech Park.

Daresbury Sci-Tech is National Science and Innovation Campus internationally-recognised for world-class science, innovation and enterprise. The linear park at Daresbury Sci Tech is one of five sculptural parks that are part of a long term development programme of the site jointly between the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Halton Borough Council and Langtree.

Our client, Stephen Broadbent of Broadbent Studios, was commissioned to create the linear park sculptures that create a strong and welcoming path to recreational space to be enjoyed by visitors and campus users.

The design was based around the theme of light, and consists of five impressive sculptures of each individually coloured red, yellow, green, blue and violet and appearing on the path in the order they appear in the magnetic spectrum.

The solution

Dellner Romag supplied more than 25 sections of glass using a variety of Vanceva architectural glass panels cut and shaped to a high tolerances using our water-jet cutting technology. The glass was laminated using an intricate interlayer with a striking pattern.

We also provided additional technical and processing expertise to Broadbent Studios, the Chester-based designers behind the garden concept.

The result

The result is an attractive park for all visitors and campus users who can use the tranquil and inspirational park as a common recreational space for meetings, relaxation and for fitness activities.

What they say

The project benefitted from technical support from Romag throughout, which included the specification of processes, glass thickness and recommendations for a decorative interlayer supplier. 

It was important to use a coloured Vanceva layer and decorative printed layer to get the required visuals. Here, Romag impressed with its technical experience and expertise of using these processes together.

Mandy Taylor

Project Manger - Broadbent Studios
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