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Rainbow Bridge

Ringmer, East Sussex
Tinted Vanceva® interlayers make up this vibrant rainbow bridge in East Sussex

Established in 1952, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare was established to provide care and shelter to animals subjected to cruelty. Over the years, the charity’s supporters helped the site grow from its humble beginnings to over 43 acres, caring for over 2000 animals a year, rehoming 1000 and providing sanctuary to more.

The centre wished to build a space for quiet remembrance of animal friends and so contacted Northumberland based Landscape Interpretation Designer, Steve Pardue at Differentia design to come up with a solution; a rainbow bridge built of wood and specialist tinted glass. 

The solution

The Rainbow Bridge takes inspiration from Norse Folklore where it was believed the Rainbow Bridge (or the Bifröst) connected the Earth to Asgard - the realm of the Gods.

The bridge features 51 individual sections of 13.5mm toughened glass which were laminated using vibrant coloured Vanceva interlayers. Each section of glass has been laminated, precision cut to size, polished and drilled by Dellner Romag using its state-of-the-art computer-controlled waterjet cutting tables, drills, grinders and CNC polishers.

The result

The journey begins at a simple crossing from the path past the "guardian" of the bridge, "Liberty", to a wooden structure which then begins to introduce lights through the glass animal souls made by artist Louise Durham. At the end of the journey you are surrounded by light and colour and can view the world through rainbow colours made from Dellner Romag tinted glass.

It serves as a quiet space for contemplation; the finished bridge is a spectacular vision of light and colour that cascades coloured light on the wood and surrounding water.

What they say

The Rainbow Bridge is a space of remembrance and quiet reflection which is also intended to be used as a place for creative writing, poetry and art.

From the inception of the concept Romag helped us with all aspects of using their products and we are delighted with the finish of the glass and were impressed with the technical knowledge and skill from the staff at Romag.

Stephen Pardue

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