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Singing on Paddington Street

Paddinton Street, London
Viewers are invited to imagine the past and sing along with this musical work.

‘Singing on Paddington Street’ was the theme for this sculptural work by world renowned artist Julia Vogl. Chiltern and Paddington Street in London were home to many recording artists in the 60s and 70s and Julia was commissioned by Galliard Homes to design a sculpture to in tribute to the community’s heritage.

Client Weber Industries who were responsible for fabricating the metal work and installing the artworks to the new apartment block required a glass manufacture able to tint the specialised toughened laminated glass in bright hues of green, blue and violet.

The solution

Romag were commissioned to supply the 42 individual sections of subtle coloured Vanceva architectural glass measuring 1500mm x 300mm x 21.5mm.

Each section of glass has been laminated, drilled and precision cut using our state-of-the-art computer-controlled waterjet cutting tables, drills, grinders and polishers.

The result

The result is a staggering piece of artwork where viewers are invited to imagine the past and sing along with the musical work.

Each colour glass panel is matched with a musical note found on the key – making the work singable, and as the sun hits the glass at different points of the day, the reflections move across the building with the sun, adding to the scuplture’s beauty.

What they say

“We needed a supplier who would also be able to provide specification advice. Romag impressed with their expertise and ability to help with an eye-catching piece of art that will be a great addition to this busy area of the city.”

Gavin Weber

Weber Industries
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