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Crocodile Zoo

Brize Norton, Oxfordshire
World of Crocodiles

In the heart of Oxfordshire lies the UK’s only Crocodile zoo. With over 150 individuals representing more than 15 species of crocodiles. The zoo aims to dispel the myth that crocodiles are vermin, or a dangerous nuisance, and it has done so by building specialist enclosures for some of the biggest species at the zoo.

The solution

Dellner Romag supplied two sections of 30mm thick toughened laminated low iron glass for the floor of a new bridge spanning the Tomistoma crocodile enclosure. The largest crocodile in the enclosure is an impressive 3.6m and weighs 150kg. Visitors crossing the bridge will be able to look through toughened glass that maintains its clarity while being protected by a structure strong enough to withstand the weight of several people at one time.

The result

The new glass floor of the bridge gives visitors a close encounter experience like none other in the UK. Not only is the floor a unique visitor attraction, it gives visitors an opportunity to view and learn about the behaviour of the rare and endangered crocodiles.

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